birdsound box
The Zwitser Bird Box in Oak
The Zwitser Bird Box in Oak
The Zwitser Bird Box in Oak
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Give yourself a relaxing bird concert. The natural sounds of the Zwitserbox create a soothing soundscape that let us relax intuitively. We feel fresher - motivated and relaxed and that makes us friendly and happy. Whether at home or in the office, the cheerful chirping of birds allows us to immerse ourselves in a world without stress and time pressure. breathe deeply and come to rest, like a walk in the forest: we hear refreshing singing of the birds, our eyes soften and our breath deepens. It's healthy for the mind and body.


You activate the bird concert in passing, if there is no new impuls, it fades out after 2 minutes. Whether at home or in the office, the bathroom or in the hallway, you can place the birdsong box anywhere or simply hang it on the wall.


composition: model "oak", color white, blackbird chirping  . Re-acts by passing motion detector and light changes.      

Includes: 3 AA batteries, surface wood, body plastic

Dimensions: width 11 cm, height 14,5 cm, depth 3,5 cm , weight 262 gramce , hallway or office

Ideal for bathroom, toilet, entrance, hallway or office.

hallway or office