MonoÏ Oil Tahiti Orchid
MonoÏ Oil Tahiti Orchid
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This new edition to the fragrant range of ManoÏ oils from Hei Poa is infused with tropical orchids soaked in coconut oil. Due to a slight hint of citrus fruits make this special oil wonderfully fresh. This one is here to stay. 


Pure Monoï de tahiti 96%/Orchid/Citrus

Free of dyes and preservatives.

Hei Poa Oils are Vegan and animal proof free.


Usage tip

Hei Poa Oil solidifies at a temperature below 22 degrees as the oil is made in its purest form. To make the oil liquid again and release the fragrant smell, but the bottle in warm water, put it in the sun or take it in the shower. 

100 ml