NIZHONI is a women´s handmade luxury knitwear brand, which has
a rich concentration of color and a high bohemian sensibility.

The Nizhoni collections are created for 50% from recycled high
quality yarns and knitted by a team of experienced knitters in Europe.
Nizhoni´s belief in supporting small communities, ethical labour
and a sustainable way of life, is of utmost importance.

The brand takes its name from The Native American tribe, Navajo.
Nizhóni means beautiful.
On one hand, it refers to something that is attractive and pleasing
to the eye… and on the other hand, it refers to something that is good,


Dutch born designer Kitty van Coesant is a passionate fashion-lover
since her early youth who 15 years ago changed busy Amsterdam for the tranquility 
and romance of the Andalusian countryside.

Kitty draws her inspiration from her own long history in fashion,
the Andalusian countryside.
The mission of Kitty is to create head-turning handknitted fashion and
accessories , which make women feel happy, beautiful, strong
and confident…
Kitty; “For me there is nothing more satisfying than mixing and
matching yarn colours in a fashion project combined with rich textures!”

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