Mes Demoiselles 

Anita Radovanovic's reinvents the fashion basics nurtured with her nice encounters. Her eyes and heart continuously wide open to the beauty, luxury and sensuality cultures of the handmade. Anita loves Nature and the natural. Its cloth, soft, light, handwoven is rooted in the traditional manufacture of India. Majesty of the fabric, sensual swirling of traditional dances and well-being of women.

The Mes Demoiselles… Paris woman? Subtle, enigmatic, discreet, mysterious, strong, authentic, urban, sensitive and mischievous. The brand offers her its inexhaustible search for the truth.

The dress, the pant, the coat, the kimono, the sweater, the skirt, the blouse and accessories have a lot to say about us. Born of our desires, they are our lives, accompanying us, they revive our memories. Central piece, a means of expression and self-sublimation.

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