While wandering through Camden Market’s dusty stalls, Alberto Peretto discovered an exquisite linen jacket, evoking the unforgettable outfit worn by Fitzcarraldo in Werner Herzog’s film.Holding the elegantly crumpled fabric in his hands, a dream took shape in the heart of the young stylist from Bologna... A yearning for a more authentic past, when timeless, well-tailored garments were stitched from sustainable, naturally-luxurious fabrics. Out of this desire to recapture the soul of natural luxury, 120% Lino was born. 

Linen conveys the most essential values of 120% Lino — natural, sustainable and capable of yielding fabrics that are revered for their breathability and elegance. It’s in the detail that we make the difference: in the natural colors and the nuances in the stitching.

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